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Richardson's Heating and Air

"Mr. RIchardson has been servicing our air conditioners and heaters through the last 4 homes we have owned over the past 20 years. He is absolutely the most ethical and honest man we have ever known. Over the years, and the various problems our units have given us, other a.c. companies would have convinced us we needed new units or at least major repairs. But Mr. Richardson fixes ONLY the part needed, tunes the unit up when that's all it needs, and gets us back in the cool or the heat in no time, at extraordinarily little cost. Our bills with him are routinely in the $60 to $180 range, when I know that others would have charged us four to 10 times more than that. He absolutely will not fix what is not broken. He is an unusually and uniquely ethical service provider and we would absolutely not call anyone else for our heating and air needs. We had to call him yesterday because our a.c. was only minimally blowing and was blowing warm air. A simple inexpensive recharge was all that was needed. He called us promptly, arrived on time, repaired our a.c. quickly and efficiently, and did not charge us for anything unnecessary. A perfect experience, as usual."

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