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  • Derrick Walker

When a lawyer won’t take your case

When a lawyer won’t take your case, you feel discouraged. You know what has happened to you and how it has affected you. Why won’t they take your case? Does your claim not have merit? Is your pain and suffering not worth fighting for so that you can have your day in court? Do you feel like if this happened to someone they cared about that they would fight for that person under the same circumstances?

To answer these questions we first have to understand the dynamics that drive the legal industry in the country we live in. Let us start by breaking down the society of which we live in, just in general in two ways:

  1. This is a capitalistic society, “ if it doesn't make money it doesn't make sense”. I will confirm this in two examples.

  2. The prison system is often said to be systematically racist. I beg to differ, reason being that if we do live in a capitalistic society then how can we blame someone for analyzing certain patterns of the cultures that make up society, realizing that because of certain social pressures and a fondness for self-destruction as a direct result from those social pressures with the only road for mental health being the prison system. I would design a mouse trap to catch them all, in a capitalistic society. At some point the target group will smarten up and stop FEEDING the system, this is why its not racist because once the system becomes inefficient it will be readjusted to the next most predictable and profitable target.

  3. Health Insurance is a wonderful thing once you experience life without it. However, the reasons a person does not have health insurance can vary from irresponsibility to hard times or unusual circumstances. Healthcare providers don’t care, its just like affluent kids in the court system. You the common man lacking health insurance (a good lawyer or family name), being charged with a felony for stealing and the affluent kid with health insurance(good lawyer or family name) being charged with a misdemeanor that won't hit his record as long as he lays low for a while. The common man gets a band-aid and a kiss from healthcare providers if he can even manage to get an appointment, the affluent get the best care possible. In a capitalistic society why would we want to prolong the lively hoods of people who don’t have health insurance? Even though they may have valid reasons its easier to just say they are unproductive bums of society and just get them out the door without WASTING to much time on them, we want them to perish they live outside the castle gates.

  4. Certain professions in society that are deemed difficult to reach, are held in high regard amongst the masses. Not taking anything away from the good professionals but every professional is not a good professional. How would you know this, when you haven't gone to school like they have? COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!! These professionals often rely on your ignorance to maximize their profits. Anyone who considers themselves an informed consumer knows that when they realize you know a little something about what they are supposed to be doing they get very uncomfortable, rude, and condescending. This is because a lot of them are not very good when it comes to doing work outside the preset paths for certain types of cases. These are professions that require people like doogie howser, columbo, people who truly cared about their jobs and no matter who was involved they worked hard to figure out each individual case. That’s tv though and this is reality where unless your somebody or have a lot of money they will treat you as less than because they feel your a bum and when has anyone ever stood up for a bum against a rich man.

  5. Depending on who is involved a lot of lawyers are associated with the other affluent in the community. Think of it like this, who do you think is at all the charity events, and golf tournaments??? The lawyers, doctors, judges, nurses, police officers, etc. So you might have a case but because of friendships, affiliations or associations nobody is going to help you because the next time they show up to the party nobody will talk to them and they might lose their “esteem” amongst the upper crust.

​It is as simple as that.

So now we know that YES your case more than likely has merit, and YES your pain and suffering is worth fighting for, and lastly YES if it was one of their friends they would bring hell on earth for justice for the most minute thing. Problem is your a commoner someone who they see as living and existing outside the castle walls. Your a peasant, but its up to you to not let them treat you like one.

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