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New email scam uses fake IRS notices to solicit Affordable Care Act payments

Did you get a notice you thought was from the IRS? Make sure it is a real one before paying. The IRS has issued a warning to taxpayers and tax professionals about a new scam related to the Affordable Care Act. The warning encourages people to be on the alert against fake emails purporting to contain an IRS tax bill related to the Affordable Care Act. Reports from around the country tell of scammers sending fraudulent version of IRS CP2000 notices for tax year 2015. Generally, the scam involves an email that includes the fake CP2000 notice as an attachment. Don’t be fooled into making a payment. The IRS provides details on how to spot a fake notice and report scams in this press release. If you are not sure what is real or what is fake, always investigate first before taking action. One good resource for the latest scam awareness news is IRS’s Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts page. Please be assured this issue has been reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration for investigation. If you have a vaild notice and need further assistance, our Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) website has many resources to help you when you: • get a notice from the IRS, • respond to a legitimate audit, • need to secure a payment arrangement, or • need to know what to do about identity theft, and many more tax related topics. As always, TAS is here to protect your rights as a taxpayer and help you with tax problems you can't resolve on your own. We are your voice at the IRS. If you are not familiar with the Taxapyer Advocate Service, see who we are and how we can help.

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